Our “Philosophy”

The philosophy our instructors use at APL is simple… we don’t have one. All of our instructors have played this game for a long time and at a high level, because of this they know there is no “cure all” technique to teaching the game of baseball. There is no one hitting philosophy that is the best way to hit; there is no one style of pitching that is the best way to pitch. The best way to teach a young player how to throw or hit at an elite level is to mold the lesson to the player.

It is a popular theme in the coaching world now a days to find the “New and Best Way” to teach young players, but as professionals we know that baseball doesn’t work that way. At APL, we understand that every young player is different and we are knowledgeable enough to apply different methods to different players. It is important for us to help make each young player as successful as we possibly can. The best way to do that is to approach every new player with an open mind. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain fundamentals of the game that are cut and dry, but for the most part every young player should learn to play the game through the methodology that best fits them. That is what is so special about what we bring to the table at APL; with our instructors being current professionals they understand that each player is their own individual and should be taught differently than the next.

Another key element when it comes to “Philosophy” is knowing your identity as a player. If you are not a big, huge guy with tremendous power then why would you go up to the plate trying to hit a home run every time? Part of growing and developing as a player is knowing your strengths and trying to play to them. This is also important to think about when choosing an instructor on our website. Try to be smart about the type of player that you are; take advantage of the fact we offer such a wide range of instructors and chose the one that best suits you and your playing style.

When it comes down to it we just want to make sure young players are learning the right way. We want every player we teach to have as much success in this game as we have, and to do this we must teach them in ways that best suit each individual.

– Stew Brase

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