Control the Controllable

breaking bat

There are many things in baseball you as a player cannot control. You can’t control the umpire (I wish). You can’t control what happens after the ball is hit. You can’t control what the defense is going to do. However, there are things you can control that will help you become a better baseball player. […]

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Minor League Assignments 2015

All Pro Lessons Minor League Assignments 2015 Brady Shoemaker- Triple-A (Miami Marlins) Jarrett Casey- Triple-A (Chicago White Sox) Terance Marin- Mexican League (Tijuana) Greg Nappo- Double-A (Miami Marlins) Kevin Vance- High-A (Arizona Diamondbacks) Austin Chubb- High-A (Los Angeles Dodgers) Tony Bucciferro- High-A (Chicago White Sox) Chris Curley- Low-A (Chicago White Sox) Michael Earley- Frontier League […]

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Comparing major sports leagues minimum salary

mlb salary

League minimum salary for each league per year: NFL- $420,000 Practice Squad- $100,00 23.8% of what NFL players make NHL- $525,000 AHL- $42,000 8% of what NHL players make NBA- $507,336 D-League- $13,000 2.5% of what NBA players make MLB- $507,500 Milb- $6,600 1.3% of what MLB players make Do minor league baseball players get […]

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Did Felix Hernandez get snubbed? You be the judge.

felix cy

In 2010, Felix Hernandez was 13-12 with a 2.27 ERA. Nobody thought he could win the Cy Young Award with a 13-12 record. But the BWAA (Baseball Writers Association of America) looked past the win loss record and realized that indeed Felix Hernandez was the best American League pitcher that year. It looked as though […]

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Post-season Wrapup 2014

Many of our pros had a great year on the baseball field. Six of our pros received promotions during the season. Two of our pros made the All-Star team. One of our pros just recently signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks after spending the summer playing Independent Baseball. All around it was a great year collectively […]

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Pitching in a Showcase

Pitching at a showcase can be one of the biggest career changing events in a young ballplayer’s life. Throughout my years in this game I have been on both sides of a showcase; whether it be on the mound or behind the screen. Over the past two winters I have worked five showcases for PBR […]

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Extended Spring Training: Baseball Hell

Extended Spring Training: Baseball Hell What is extended spring training? Extended spring training is exactly what is says, an extension of spring training which lasts from April until the middle of June. Extended spring training hosts a variety of different baseball players. Players that are in extended spring training range from players that have been […]

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Our “Philosophy”

The philosophy our instructors use at APL is simple… we don’t have one. All of our instructors have played this game for a long time and at a high level, because of this they know there is no “cure all” technique to teaching the game of baseball. There is no one hitting philosophy that is […]

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Why We Started this Site?


The idea of creating this website came along when Jason Van Skike (the co-founder of this site) and myself were talking about some of the lessons we give in the offseason.  We talked about how much we enjoy our time teaching this game and how rewarding it is for us knowing that we are making […]

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