Why We Started this Site?

The idea of creating this website came along when Jason Van Skike (the co-founder of this site) and myself were talking about some of the lessons we give in the offseason.  We talked about how much we enjoy our time teaching this game and how rewarding it is for us knowing that we are making a positive impact on these kid’s lives.

Jason and I are both aware of the fact that baseball has provided us with opportunities that we may not have had without this game in our lives.  Growing up, playing baseball allowed us to make friends; taught us life lessons and instilled in us great work ethics.  Later down the road baseball helped to pay for our college educations, and now we are at a point where we actually get paid to play this game.  We made it to this point because we have had great coaches and teammates. It is because of these coaches we learned to play the game the right way. We believe that being current professionals gives us the opportunity to pass along our knowledge of the game and hopefully share that same life-changing affect that baseball has had on us. These are just a few of the reasons we give lessons and spend our time in the offseason helping baseball’s next generation. The downside is that our offseason only lasts five months.

Due to our short amount of time to pass along our knowledge, we began to discuss other means of continuing to help educate younger players. It was at this point in the conversation that Jason said to me, “There has to be a way to use video to continue working with my guys during season.” THAT is how our idea was born…

-Stew Brase


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